Banister International is organized to work with a client across multiple levels, geographies, and functions. We design the talent acquisition model around the client’s needs and we have executed projects that range from CEO searches to mid-management searches across multiple functions, to recruiting 135 individuals in 100 days for a client that needed to build out a sales force.  We look forward to understanding your situation and designing a strategy based on the problem that is both effective and cost-efficient.

Executive Search

Banister’s Partners consult directly with the client on key executive searches.  These searches tend to be mission/business critical and all searches are handled by both a client partner and functional partner.  In all cases, the client will be working with two Banister Partners to ensure the highest touch and quality of delivery.

Mid Management Search

Banister’s Client Partner will work directly with the client, and organize recruiting that is functionally aligned with the client’s needs.  In all cases the goal of the these searches is to provide the client with a diverse slate of talent that not only can do the role, but possesses the talent to do more than the role.  Ideally, talent that is two level promotable.

Project Services

Banister has solved over 40 significant recruiting projects for clients.  Each solution is organized around the client’s needs from a functional, level and geographic basis.

Guiding Principal

Banister’s search models are organized to solve talent needs for clients. Banister tends to partner across multiple levels, functions and geographics with clients with the goal of building the client’s organization with high potential talent and their executive ranks with proven business leaders.